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Re: Rest Collision Bug

From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: Re: Rest Collision Bug
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 13:23:51 +0100
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On Sunday 23 January 2005 03.16, David Raleigh Arnold wrote:
> There is a rule which is quite obscure now about collision of
> rests and notes when there are three or four voices on a staff.  If
> there is not enough space between the upper and lower voices for a
> rest for an inside voice, that rest is placed *before* a stem,
> *always*, never tucked in under the lower note head, whether there is
> room there or not.  That's easy to implement because one would have to
> give the rest a pitch to get a collision, so that's the only condition
> you need.  I've got more than a whole page of examples from 1808-1810
> with one in almost every measure.  Unfortunately the publisher
> copyrighted the scans.  They weren't dirt cheap then the way they are
> now.  The only place I've ever seen it stated as a rule was on the
> Denemo website IIRC.  I can't imagine how it got there, since it's not
> in Stone or Read and I've never seen it expressed anywhere else.  It's
> absolutely certain though.  If the rest were placed below or over the
> note head it would be wrongly perceived as belonging to the lower or
> upper voice instead of a middle.  I suspect that you have been
> concerned about collisions between notes and rests.  Much easier than
> notes and notes, which might be on either side.  The rest is in front.
> That's it.  There isn't any way you can help a user who gives a rest
> an unsuitable pitch.  They just have to know the rule to give
> such a rest a pitch lying along a stem.  Which stem?  The user has to
> decide the pitch.  All LilyPond can do is to place the middle voice
> rest a sufficient distance before the stem so as not to be seen as
> over or under a note head.
> It's a bug. In the following, the rest should be to the left of
> the stem.  I hope this gets attention before I have another
> 3-voice project, and I hope that shifting rests is easier now than
> it used to be.  daveA

So is your proposed fix, in other words, that shiftOn should apply to 
colliding rests also? so in your exemple the e4\rest should be shifted a few 
mm to the right?


> % rest_collision_bug.ly
> \version "2.4.2"
> vone = {
> \clef "G_8"
> c'4 d' e' c'
> c'1
> }
> vtwo = {
> a4 a, a,2
> a,1
> }
> vthree = { \tieDown
> e4\rest a2.~
> a1)
> }
> \score { \new Staff <<
> \new Voice {\voiceOne \vone}
> \new Voice {\voiceTwo \vtwo}
> \new Voice {\voiceThree \vthree}
> >>}
> % end

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