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Re: Automatic Accidentals ignore unmetered music

From: Peter Leschev
Subject: Re: Automatic Accidentals ignore unmetered music
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 20:36:13 +1100


In metered music, you can have a barline in the middle of a bar (e.g. a thin
double barline, or a repeat barline). This does not affect the way
accidentals are typeset.
Ahh, I wasn't aware of this!

If you want barlines the way you describe, then you probably don't have
unmetered music, but just irregularly metered music.

You will probably want
bar numbers to increase between bars. The only way I can find to do this, is
to set measureLength individually for each bar, see
5.3.9 Time administration
Yeah, this is what I wanted to avoid....

I think it could be nice to add a command like \newBar to lilypond, which
would be roughly equivalent to setting measureTiming to measureLength (except
that this doesn't work). This command should IMHO also be added to
\cadenzaOff. (i.e., after a cadenza is over, a new bar will start). Any
Good idea, if the developers of this project don't want to include such functionality, could we at least get this behaviour documented?


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