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grave accent over the `u' in più

From: Albert Einstein
Subject: grave accent over the `u' in più
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 19:07:56 +0100
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I have a problem with putting grave accent over the letter `u' in word più.

I have tryied:

a_\markup{\italic{più}}   - letter ù from French keyboard and

a_\markup{\italic{pi\\`u}} as TeX encoding

but I got in first case error message:

warning: can't find ascii character: 249

and in second:
error: syntax error, unexpected $undefined:
c''8->\) r8 d''16[\( c''_\markup{\italic cresc.} b'_\markup{
                                                          \\`u} c'']

When I add più in header as title in pdf u with circle over it is displayed,
when I add pi\\`u in header as title it works -- I have ù in pdf.
It was tested on  2.4.2 version and my header is:
\header {
fontencoding = "T1"
inputencoding = "cp1250"

When I apply  in header
encoding = "TeX"
I still can't display ù via \\`u (a_\markup{\\`u})
and in title I can.???!


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