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Rehearsal marks

From: Don Blaheta
Subject: Rehearsal marks
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 01:53:13 -0500
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I'm using lilypond 2.5.0, as downloaded through fink to Mac OSX 10.3.8.

In section 5.15.3 on rehearsal marks, it claims that there are functions
for formatting rehearsal marks with boxes around them, but they don't
  \set Score.markFormatter = #format-mark-box-numbers
gives me a raft of errors due to format-mark-box-numbers not being
defined, as a procedure or anything else.  A glance at
translation-functions.scm makes it look like they're just not there.  So
this is either a doc bug, or a program bug, depending on whether their
omission was intentional.

Also in this section is info on how to get segno and coda marks up atop
the score; earlier I was looking for a way to do that, looking for
"segno", "D.C.", "capo", and a few other keywords, and coming up blank.
So it would be nice if the index or something pointed at this section
from that direction as well.

Unrelatedly, the link in the v2.5 docs from section 4.5 goes to the v2.3
bug database....

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