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Re: "repeat" slashes and the nature of lilypond

From: wintryblue
Subject: Re: "repeat" slashes and the nature of lilypond
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 15:21:54 -0500

> Isn't there a contradiction between the claim that Jazz is not a
> classical form of art, and some assertive statement about "the only
> appropriate way things should be done"

No contradiction.

I wasn't suggesting that there's only ONE way to do it, I was saying
that since there ISN'T only one way to typeset chords, Lilypond should
not set the chord system up so rigidly. I was asserting a negative.
Lilypond treats chord symbols like a classical notation system, which
I was saying is incorrect. It should be treated the way they do
figured bass, more flexibly and not tied to any notes.

> And by the way, I think I remember reading that Gary Burton studied at
> Berkeley... and he is decent :-)

Berkeley is anything but a conservatory. And pretty much all modern
jazz artists of any worth learned through playing with older
musicians, not by studying at a school. Pat Metheny, for instance, was
TEACHING at Berkeley even before he started recording professionally.
He was only like 19 then, and he had aready been playing for years.

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