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Re: "repeat" slashes and the nature of lilypond

From: wintryblue
Subject: Re: "repeat" slashes and the nature of lilypond
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 16:32:23 -0500

Well, I suppose you guys are busy. I don't know if you made any decisions.

I'm only a poor student, but I will pay up to $50 (in pieces) if I get
the small features

- Slash marks that aren't repeat markings and don't require a hack $20
- If I can get the full Finale fontset chord symbols under chords mode
without any hacks, I would pay $30 right there.

I know it's not much to you but I make $8 an hour reshelving books in
the library.
I hope others will chip in, especially for other things like jazz articulations.

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