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Lilypond crashing on dual opteron workstation with SusE 9.2

From: Ben Brewster
Subject: Lilypond crashing on dual opteron workstation with SusE 9.2
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 08:20:41 -0600
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I have LilyPond 2.2.6 installed on a new dual opteron system booting SuSE 9.2 
linux, having installed the 64-bit version of LilyPond that comes with the 
distribution. When I try to process an input file, LilyPond simply crashes. I 
tried processing one of the downloadable template files, to eliminate the 
possibility of errors in the input file. With the verbose flag , I get the 
following in the terminal:

address@hidden:~> lilypond --verbose 
lilypond (GNU LilyPond) 2.2.6
Opening pipe `/usr/bin/lilypond-bin --version '
Opening pipe `kpsexpand \$TEXMF'
Opening pipe `kpsewhich -expand-path=\$T1FONTS'
Invoking `/usr/bin/lilypond-bin  -I /home/ben -I /home/ben 
-I /home/ben/home/ben/Documents -H dedication -H title -H subtitle -H 
subsubtitle -H footer -H head -H composer -H arranger -H instrument -H opus 
-H piece -H metre -H meter -H poet -H texttranslator -H textheight -H 
fontencoding -H inputencoding -H language -H latexpackages -H papersize -H 
pagenumber -H latexheaders -H latexoptions -H linewidth -H unit -H 
orientation --verbose /home/ben/home/ben/Documents/lily-2131742185'
lilypond_datadir: `/usr/share/lilypond'
local_lilypond_datadir: `/usr/share/lilypond/2.2.6'
localedir: `/usr/share/locale'

lilypond: warning: `lilypond-bin' failed (signal 11) (ignored)

lilypond: error: LilyPond crashed (signal 11).
lilypond: error: Please submit a bug report to address@hidden
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/lilypond", line 873, in ?
    run_lilypond (files, dep_prefix)
  File "/usr/bin/lilypond", line 288, in run_lilypond
    ly.exit (status)
  File "/usr/share/lilypond/2.2.6/python/lilylib.py", line 130, in exit
    raise _ ('Exiting (%d)...') % i
Exiting (11)...
Cleaning /tmp/tmp8P5EgFlilypond...

LilyPond works fine for me on the same input files on another machine, a Dell 
Optiplex, running the i686 version of SuSE 9.2. Is there a problem with 
LilyPond and 64-bit linux?

Ben Brewster

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