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beamlets over spacers

From: Qian Li
Subject: beamlets over spacers
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 00:54:09 -0500

I am using version 2.2.5.

I am trying to write many groups of four 16th-notes some of which are
separated by 16th-rest value spacers.  When I force-beam the notes over
any spacer, the double beam is continuous instead of single over the
spacer.  My current solution is massively wordy, requires replacing \s
with \r and making the latter invisible, and must be applied to
each group, of which I have hundreds including two-voice polyphony:

a16 [\set stemLeftBeamCount = #1 \set stemRightBeamCount = #1 r g] s
a[ stemRightBeamCount = #1 g \set stemLeftBeamCount = #1 \set
stemRightBeamCount = #1 r g]

Do you have a better, more global solution? Thanks.

(sorry for cross-posting)


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