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relative octaves with repeats

From: Tim Mott
Subject: relative octaves with repeats
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 23:37:42 -0800


I just started using Lilypond, so I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug.
I didn't see it mentioned in the documentation though.

The problem is as follows:  when using relative pitch, the first note of an
alternative repeat section gets its pitch from the end of the previous repeat,
rather than from end of the main section.

It's probably easier to explain with an example:

1.  leadMusic = \relative c {
2.      \repeat volta 2 {
3.              d8 f g a ~ a2 | r4 g f d | e8 g bf d ~ d2 | r4 c bf g | g8 f c' 
g ~ g2 }
4.      \alternative {
5.              { g8 f c' g ~ g2 | d'8 a c bf d, f a g | f fs a g f e ef c }
6.              { g8 f c' g ~ g f d'4 | bf1 }
7.      }
8.  }

The g at the start of line 6 should be the same note as the g at the end of 
line 3,
but instead jumps down an octave because of the c at the end of line 5.
Therefore, I must amend line 6 to

6.              { g8' f c' g ~ g f d'4 | bf1 }

which seems strange.


Tim Mott

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