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bug in lilypond deb-package

From: Roman Stöckl-Schmidt
Subject: bug in lilypond deb-package
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 14:51:40 +0100
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Dear Pedro,
I've written you this exact mail before but only just today realised why
you did neither respond nor fix the bug.
I was guessing from your name that you're German which I figured is not
the case after seing a message in portugese on your website that it was
currently being maintained.
So sorry for the misunderstanding but I really just made a wrong
assumption and since I didn't receive any reply from you to rewrite the
message in english I just didn't know what had gone wrong.

Okay now to the actual bug, there seems to be a malformed line in
lilypond-indent.el, when the package is being set up I get (LANG=C):

| Setting up lilypond-snapshot (2.4.2-1) ...
| Compiling
| While compiling LilyPond-matching-paren in file
|   ** malformed cond form: nil
|   !! error (("malformed cond clause nil"))
|>>Error occurred processing lilypond-indent.el:
| malformed cond clause nil
| emacs-package-install:
/usr/lib/emacsen-common/packages/install/lilypond-snapshot xemacs21
xemacs21 failed at /usr/lib/emacsen-common/emacs-package-install line
30, <TSORT> line 1.
| dpkg: error processing lilypond-snapshot (--configure):
|  subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1
| Errors were encountered while processing:
|  lilypond-snapshot

For me personally that is not really a problem since I don't use emacs
(for lilypond), but even if I did I guess everything but the
auto-indentation would work fine right?
Some system specs:
Debian sarge kernel 2.6.8-1-686
XEmacs 21.4 (patch 15) "Security Through Obscurity" [Lucid]
(i386-debian-linux, Mule) of Sat Oct 23 2004 on penell

Since your now the official "build meister" I was wondering when you are
going to package 2.4.5? I tried to make the package myself from the
build-scripts in the debian directory but somehting went wrong although
I have every build-dependency installed. I got a fatal error saying that
~ option --format was not recognized, don't know what program threw that
one though.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work, Roman.
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