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Re: ChoirStaff - InstrumentName problems

From: Bertalan Fodor
Subject: Re: ChoirStaff - InstrumentName problems
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 10:00:51 +0100
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The solution is to do the same redefinition of the ChoirStaff as
the \RemoveEmptyStaffContext does to the Staff context. See my
recent email on the same problem for RhythmicStaffContext (Graham
did some clarifications in the manual too).

So I tried:

\context { \ChoirStaff \remove "Axis_group_engraver"
           \consists "Hara_kiri_engraver" }

This gives bad result, because it don't keep the distance between elements of the ChoirStaff, so Lyrics and Staffs get written over each other. The same happens when I delete \remove "Axis_group_engraver"


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