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Re: functionality changed in lilypond-book

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: functionality changed in lilypond-book
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 14:36:31 +0200
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You are not entirely correct, even though you have clearly
pointed out a bug (you have already done it in an earlier email
and it has already been solved in CVS, see below).

The bug was that there was no whitespace between the \includegraphics
which means that (La)TeX could not insert any line breaks between the
.eps files and the full score ended up on a single long line in the
output document.
When I check the latest file versions in CVS, it seems that
Han-Wen has already fixed the problem, so you can look
forward to version 2.5.20.

Still, all the lines are (and should be) kept in a single paragraph,
for the reason that I mentioned in an earlier email (since I hadn't
tried any multiline score with 2.5.19 at that time, the rest of
my answer was slightly off, sorry for that).

Also in previous versions, the score lines where typeset in a single
paragraph but there was some whitespace between the \lybox{...}:es that
were used for each score line, at that time.


Bernard Hurley wrote:
In lilypond-book version 2.4.x, when a long score was typeset, it was
split up into several sections each of which was typeset as a separate
paragraph. Currently 2.5.19 splits it into the same number of sections,
which are each rendered as eps files and then put into the same
paragraph. The difference can be easily seen by using:

\lilypondfile {somefile.ly}

Where somefile.ly is long enough to be rendered over several lines. I
think the previous behaviour is preferable and can be easily obtained in
2.5.19 by adding blank lines to the calls to \includegraphics in the
appropriate lily-xxxxxxxx-systems.tex.


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