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Re: functionality changed in lilypond-book

From: Bernard Hurley
Subject: Re: functionality changed in lilypond-book
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 14:28:38 +0100

Mats Bengtsson wrote:
> You are not entirely correct, even though you have clearly
> pointed out a bug (you have already done it in an earlier email
> and it has already been solved in CVS, see below).
Yes, I already knew that as Han-Wen had emailed me, but I hadn't
realised his e-mail had not got to the list.
> Also in previous versions, the score lines where typeset in a single
> paragraph but there was some whitespace between the \lybox{...}:es that
> were used for each score line, at that time.
O.K. I hadn't checked how the formatting had been done, but it _is_
significantly different in version 2.5.19 (latest cvs version). For
instance I have a piece for Clarinet and Piano, called "Great Wave". I
have a LaTeX file (actually a LyX file) in which every movement is in a
separate (LaTeX) section and there is a table of contents at the front
and it uses the fancyhdr package to control the format of each page. The
final score is 32 pages long and renders very nicely using version
2.4.x. However the change in spacing in the new version makes the
systems too near each other. This means that, for instance, the piano
pedal indication in one system are very near the high notes in the
clarinet in the next, and it looks pretty awful (to me at least). I
think the format of the output should be kept the same between versions
or at least there should be some documented way of keeping it the same
(a macro perhaps?). 


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