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Re: lily Emulates Kitten On Keyboards

From: Will Oram
Subject: Re: lily Emulates Kitten On Keyboards
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 11:39:58 -0400

I understand your concerns. If I had any more specific information, I would have gladly posted it...this is by far not the first time I've described a bug on bug-lilypond. I've tooled around with lily for...wow, 1.5 years already. Anyway, I have done my absolute best to identify the root of these problem chords (and it ain't an inverted V, haw haw), but it seems to be a truly random problem.

Actually, I only hold on to a demo of Sibelius, and an old one at that. I use it to experiment when I'm composing. A student paying a zillion dollars for that? Get real. :)

Since you petitioned, I will release the (unfinished) project to the open. Two reasons why not to keep the volume at maximum whilst listening:

a) The piece itself should tell you why.
b) The nasty chords at high volume truly do hurt the ears.


Nasty Chord #1 occurs at m. 49 (41 in the PDF), or 1:35. Nasty Chord #2 occurs at m. 57 (49 in PDF), or 1:51. NC #3 at 65 (57 in PDF) (2:07), and trails for a few measures on one instrument.


On Apr 23, 2005, at 5.03 AM, Bernard Hurley wrote:

I don't know what others on the list think but, personally, I would not
be prepared to even look at this unless you _post_ enough information
(e.g. a small example) to illustrate the problem.  That way everyone
knows what the bug is and everyone knows when it has been fixed. I am
not altogether happy with the idea of people fixing "secret bugs" on a
free software project. (See http://www.gnu.org for definition).

OTOH it is nice to know that you own Sibelius but use Lily for


Will Oram wrote:
I'm not willing to openly distribute the MIDI/PDF/code of this project
(I'm secretive that way :), but anyone who mails me a request can take
a look at anything they want.

I have to smile and remember
when you accuse me of that smell
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