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Re: PDF files

From: Sacha Standen
Subject: Re: PDF files
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2005 15:48:11 +0200

> Then you may have some learning to do
> I or others can give you more help if necessary.
> Paul Scott
That would be kind, thanks. It looks like I need it.
Are we talking about MS-DOS here? If I go to the Start menu, I get a number
of options (my system's in French to complicate matters) including
'exécuter', which I presume is the one I need. When I type in the path you
suggested, I get a window with all the lilypond related files (except my
data files). This I could access anyway simply by right clicking on the
Lilypond icon, selecting properties and then 'Rechercer la cible'. But what
next? where do I type '--verbose', according to Jan's suggestion?

I've sent Jan a copy of the PS log in case it helps.


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