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Re: Words and polyphonic parts

From: Daniel Johnson
Subject: Re: Words and polyphonic parts
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 14:14:44 -0700
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Your attachment(s) got stripped off, but I think I know what the issue
is, since I've faced it myself.

When you introduce polyphony via the << { c4( b c2) } \\ { a2( g4 a) }
>> method (just to give a simple example), two new voices (named "1" and
"2") are created.  Therefore lyrics attached to the voice outside the
double-angle-brackets won't bind to the notes inside the polyphonic
section.  The solution is to specifically name one of the polyphonic
voices to the same name as the voice outside the polyphonic sections:

<< { \context Voice = sopranoVoice c4( b c2) } \\ { a2( g4 a) } >>

So, if the non-polyphonic section is in Voice sopranoVoice, you can
continue to bind lyrics to the notes within the polyphony, since the
upper voice remains in the same context.


Mark Chapman wrote:

>I've only just started using Lilypond (2.4.5), and whilst it's very
>impressive, I think I've found a bug. In the attached file swing_low.ly, the
>sopranos divide within the staff at bars 13 and 29, and the basses in the
>last bar (42). At all of these places (see swing_low.pdf), the text isn't
>being attached. I've had to remove the soprano text ("Hum") to avoid putting
>the following text out of alignment.
>This isn't happening in the bass part in bars 10 and 26, where the notes
>aren't tied or slurred, so I suspect this is part of the problem.
>Mark Chapman.
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