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vertical margins in lilypond-book

From: Graham Percival
Subject: vertical margins in lilypond-book
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 23:00:48 -0700

Two discoveries on this issue:
1.  It affects all papersizes, not just letterpaper.
2.  You can work around it by specifying the \paper{ vsize }}

The example below shows it not working; uncomment the
\paper line and you get an ok typesetting.  It would be nice if
we didn't have to manually set vsize, but since there's a
workaround, I don't consider it such an urgent issue.


% \paper{ vsize = 8.0\in }
\book {
\header{ title = "Foo" }
\score { {
\repeat unfold 8 {c'4 c' c' c' } \break
\repeat unfold 8 {c'4 c' c' c' } \break
\repeat unfold 8 {c'4 c' c' c' } \break
\repeat unfold 8 {c'4 c' c' c' } \break
\repeat unfold 4 {d''4^"margin" d'' d'' d'' } \break
\repeat unfold 4 {e''4^"invisible!" e'' e'' e'' } \break


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