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Re: vertical margins in lilypond-book

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: vertical margins in lilypond-book
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 12:48:23 +0200
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It's certainly possible to let lilypond-book automatically detect the
text height of the LaTeX document and set the vsize correspondingly.
However, it's not so much use since
1. It's only relevant when you explicitly have a \book{..} in
   your .ly code (which it turn is mainly useful to be able to use
   \pagebreak in the .ly code)
2. If you already have some commands in your .ly code that affects the
   page size, then they will override the setting done by lilypond-book,
   since lilybook inserts the commands at the top of the code.


Graham Percival wrote:
Two discoveries on this issue:
1.  It affects all papersizes, not just letterpaper.
2.  You can work around it by specifying the \paper{ vsize }}

The example below shows it not working; uncomment the
\paper line and you get an ok typesetting.  It would be nice if
we didn't have to manually set vsize, but since there's a
workaround, I don't consider it such an urgent issue.


% \paper{ vsize = 8.0\in }
\book {
\header{ title = "Foo" }
\score { {
\repeat unfold 8 {c'4 c' c' c' } \break
\repeat unfold 8 {c'4 c' c' c' } \break
\repeat unfold 8 {c'4 c' c' c' } \break
\repeat unfold 8 {c'4 c' c' c' } \break
\repeat unfold 4 {d''4^"margin" d'' d'' d'' } \break
\repeat unfold 4 {e''4^"invisible!" e'' e'' e'' } \break


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