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Error during 2.6.0 install, compile ok

From: R. D. Davis
Subject: Error during 2.6.0 install, compile ok
Date: 7 Jul 2005 13:08:01 -0400
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 13:08:01 -0400
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Firstly, it's great to be able to say that I've just gotten Lilypond
2.6.0 compiled without any apparent major problems (unless the install
problem mentioned below is indicative of one) on a maching running the
Sarge distribution of Debian! :-) Only a few packages had to be
obtained from the testing distribution, along with installing the
latest versions of ghostscript and freetype from sources.  Thanks for
all the work that everyone's put into this!

The only problem was when I did a 'make install'.  Everything appeared
to be going well until:

Compiling cheatsheet.texi...
cheatsheet.texi is up to date.
Processing include: fdl.itexi
Reading fdl.itexi...
Writing snippets...
All snippets are up to date...
Compiling fdl.texi...
fdl.texi is up to date.
lilypond-book.py: warning: option --psfonts not used
lilypond-book.py: warning: processing with dvips will have no fonts

DVIPS usage:
    dvips -h ./out/lilypond.psfonts ./out/lilypond.dvi
mv ./out/lilypond.texinfo out/lilypond.nexi 2>/dev/null || mv 
./out/lilypond.texi out/lilypond.nexi
LANG= makeinfo  --enable-encoding -I ./out --output=./out/lilypond.info 
 warning: `.' or `,' must follow @xref, not `f'.
LANG= makeinfo  --enable-encoding -I ./out 
--output=./out/lilypond-internals.info out/lilypond-internals.nexi
out/lilypond-internals.nexi:10: warning: unrecognized encoding name `utf-8'.
/bin/sh /home/rdd/lilypond/lilypond-2.6.0/stepmake/stepmake/../bin/install-sh 
-c -d /usr/local/info/lilypond
/bin/sh /home/rdd/lilypond/lilypond-2.6.0/stepmake/stepmake/../bin/install-sh 
-c -d /usr/local/info/lilypond
install-info --remove --info-dir=/usr/local/info ./out/lilypond.info
install-info(./out/lilypond.info): no file /usr/local/info/dir, retrieving 
backup file /var/backups/infodir.bak.
install-info(./out/lilypond.info): no entry for file `lilypond'.
install-info --info-dir=/usr/local/info ./out/lilypond.info

install-info(./out/lilypond.info): Invalid info entry
make[2]: *** [local-install-info] Error 9
make[2]: Leaving directory 
make[1]: *** [install] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rdd/lilypond/lilypond-2.6.0/Documentation'
make: *** [install] Error 2

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