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Bug when using acciaccatura and polyphony?

From: Ismael Cortes
Subject: Bug when using acciaccatura and polyphony?
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2005 19:32:41 -0500
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Hello, I've been writing a python script to transform drum tablatures into lilypond (and then to PDF). After implementing polyphony to the script and testing some tablatures I realized that in the log it showed the text:

"programming error: moving backwards in time
continuing, cross fingers"

(no quotes, of course)

and the resulting PDF started looking as if the (Auto_)Beam_engraver has been removed (ie no auto Beams where shown), but only after the fault measure. It just seems to happen when the voice starts with a \acciaccatura grace note. It doesn't matters if it's the first or the second voice and adding \voiceOne nor \voiceTwo after the grace note doesn't helps.

I append a partial file transformed by my script which shows the error (I'm not sure if I can legally append the whole file, but it's too big for a mailing list anyway). Note that if I manually beam the notes (using '[' and ']') they look as they should (but it's something i'd prefer not to have to do).

Also any temporary workaround is appreciated as well as an explanation of what the heck is the error text suppoused to mean.

USING WinXP SP1, Athlon XP (Should that matter)
Lilypond 2.6.0 stable.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% START CUT N PASTE %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
\version "2.6.0"
  % No indent on first line
  indent = 0\mm

 % start drums section
 \new DrumStaff <<
  % Polyphony mode (2 voices): setting up invisible voices
  \context DrumVoice = "1" { s1 }
  \context DrumVoice = "2" { s1 }
  \drummode {

\tempo 4=212


\time 4/4

<< { \acciaccatura sn16 sn8 sn8 sn8 sn8 sn8 sn8 sn8 sn8  | } \\ {r1  | } >>



<< {r1  } \\ { \acciaccatura sn16 sn8 sn8 sn8 sn8 sn8 sn8 sn8 sn8 | } >>

% % % % % % % % % % % %
   % End of parsing. 657 lines processed
 % end drumstaff
% end score

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% END CUT N PASTE %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Thanks in advance and sorry for the big mail.


Ismael Cortés V.                      (address@hidden)
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