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RE: bagpipe LilyPond stuff

From: Sven Axelsson
Subject: RE: bagpipe LilyPond stuff
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 09:40:48 +0200

> From: Graham Percival [mailto:address@hidden 
> On 10-Jul-05, at 3:30 PM, Sven Axelsson wrote:
> > I have put together a pretty complete set of definitions 
> > for bagpipe music which I have attached to this message.
> Sorry, bug-lilypond strips attachments.  Could you send it to me 
> directly?

Attached here, so it should get through to you and Andrew MacNabb.
The cheatsheet.ly included requires Lilypond 2.7.0 to run unaltered.
Just remove the final text markup block to use with 2.6.0.

> >  Examples of bagpipe notation with Lilypond can be found here:
> > 
> http://www.svenax.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=sheetmusic&file=index
> Thanks.  I don't know if it's worth maintaining the bagpipe template, 
> though.  I think it would be better just to include some info in the 
> Instrument-specific notation chapter.

Yes, to have a "correct" bagpipe template in the manual is probably not
necessary - just include info about availability and where to get it.

> Andrew McNabb seems to have a good site, too:
> http://www.mcnabbs.org/andrew/linux/lilypond-ghb/

True, though it appears that Andrew hasn't updated his template
since quite a few versions back.

> Would there be interest in having an official "bagpipe.ly" 
> distributed with LilyPond, such that any bagpipe players 
> could use it?  (similar to "english.ly" ) ?

Good question. I find Lilypond eminently well suited for
bagpipe music, and it would do the piping community good
to use a program that actually produces good looking music
instead of the horribly ugly stuff you get from, for example
Bagpipe Music Writer (a pretty popular program).

If there is interest, I would be prepared to maintain
an official bagpipe.ly.

P/S Sven Axelsson, The Murray Pipes & Drums of Gothenburg

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