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list moderation help wanted

From: drl
Subject: list moderation help wanted
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 12:06:09 -0500 (CDT)

Hello, I'm David Linn and I am the list manager for the Lilypond
mailing lists.  Those who have been on these lists for some time are
probably aware that, several months ago, the volume of spam on the
lists became unacceptable and then suddenly dropped to virtually
nothing.  Many people correctly guessed that the lists had been
moderated at that time.  Since that time, some have noticed that some
postings arrive hours out of sequence with the other messages in the
same thread.

Enough time has now passed for me to feel that I understand the in's
and out's of this process so, after discussion of the issue with the
project leaders, I am now asking for a few volunteers to help moderate
the following lists:

* bug-lilypond

* lilypond-devel

* lilypond-user

I am aware that people have volunteered in the past without prompting
and I do not wish to dismiss those offers, but circumstances change
and I will not hold someone to an offer made months ago so I am asking
for a few - say, two to six - volunteers who would cooperatively help
moderate one or more of these lists.  The "job" will start almost
immediately and probably involve less than 5 minutes per day (on
average).  You'll need a web browser and I personally find that the
job is easiest in a browser with a tabbing interface.

I don't need a large number of volunteers so I apologize in advance if
you make an offer that I receive after I already have an adequate
number of volunteers.  Aspects of the implementation of this shared
responsibility argues against having more than a small number of
moderators for each list.

        Thanks in advance,
David R. Linn - address@hidden - mailing list manager for the GNU Music project


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