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2.7.2 - \relative causes crash with segmentation fault

From: Villum Sejersen
Subject: 2.7.2 - \relative causes crash with segmentation fault
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 13:52:16 +0200
User-agent: Debian Thunderbird 1.0.2 (X11/20050602)

This minimal example causes my lilypond 2.7.2 (self-compiled, debian unstable/testing) to crash with a segmentation fault:

% sun 24 jul 2005 13:15:22 CEST
\version "2.7.2"
        sopMusic = \relative {
%       sopMusic = {
    a' b bes c \bar "|."
\score {
        << \sopMusic >>

--verbose tells me it's happening during preprocessing graphical objects after a Grob count 101[/usr/local/share/lilypond/2.7.2/fonts/otf/emmentaler-11.otf] ..... (sizes 13 14 16 18 are listed too in the output, but not 20 or 26) ..... [/usr/local/share/lilypond/2.7.2/fonts/otf/emmentaler-23.otf]Lagersegmentfejl

(Danish message; as an ordinary user I run LANG=da_DK). The emmentaler 20 and 26 point fonts exist in the font directory, look OK size- and contentwise compared to the other fonts; all emmentaler font sizes are listed in the fonts.cache-1 file as is the aybabtu font.

Without \relative this (and another larger file I tried out to be sure) compile flawlessly, creating both pdf and midi.

Any hints?

yours sincerely,    Villum Sejersen


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