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Bad Link

From: Paul Strand
Subject: Bad Link
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 19:08:29 -0700 (PDT)


In your FAQ, you mention NoteEdit as a possible GUI front-end to Lilypond.  If 
you follow the link
you have supplied, there is a concise note stating NoteEdit is no longer being 
developed.  I
realize that those who want to can still download the tool from a link on that 
very page, but in
your FAQ you state that both programs are actively being developed.  I merely 
wish to update you
on a change you may have not noticed.

I wish I could provide feedback about your tool and along with it kudos, 
accolades and the like,
but the truth is, I haven't really played around with it much at this point.  I 
will say, however,
that due to the requirements I have imposed on finding a notation program, I 
keep finding myself
back at your website.  I intend to evaluate your tool (in fact, I greatly 
anticipate learning
enough to adequately do so) and provide whatever feedback I can.  I already 
appreciate your hard
work and dedication and hope you can stay with it long into the future.

Thank you,
Paul Strand

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