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Viewing Postscript Files in Windows..

From: Trent Johnston
Subject: Viewing Postscript Files in Windows..
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 21:38:01 +1000

Hi All,

A quick update on viewing postscript files in windows... especially gsview...

Thanks to the response by Peter Mongensen I was able to view the postscript 
file he created... this was created with

Debian Sarge+DeMuDi
Lilypond 2.4.5
tetex-bin      2.0.2-30
gs             8.01-5

This means that there is some problem with how the postscript file is created 
under the windows version of Lilypond... since postscript files produced by a 
Linux version of Lilypond can be viewed with gsview under windows...


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