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From: Patrick K Welton
Subject: aikenhead
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 18:19:22 -0700 (PDT)

While the "Fa notehead" seems to be working fine, the 
"Do notehead" still is not right.  Notice the "D" in
the second messure.

\paper {
  #(define dump-extents #t)
  linewidth = 160\mm
  indent = 0\mm

\layout {

% ly snippet:
\renameinput "note-head-solfa.ly"

\header {

  texidoc = "With @code{shapeNoteStyles}, the style of
the note head
is adjusted according to the step of the scale, as
measured relative
to the @code{tonic} property."

\version "2.6.0"

fragment = {
  \key c \major
  \set shapeNoteStyles = ##(do re mi fa #f la ti)
  c d e f g a b c d e f g a b c

\transpose c d 
 \relative {

% end ly snippet

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