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Spacing bug

From: Dylan Nicholson
Subject: Spacing bug
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 08:39:50 +1000

The following file tries to squeeze onto one line when it clearly doesn't fit 
(the double barline at the end is cut off, for a start):

\time 3/4
  c8 d e f g a 
  c, d16 d e8 f g a 
  c, d e16 e f8 g a 
  c, d e f16 f g8 a 
  c,8. d16 e8 f g8. a16
  r8 d, e f g a
  c, d e f g r
  r d e r f g
  c, r e r g

I was actually creating this file to see what beaming policies lilypond uses - 
to me the 2nd last bar here looks a bit odd for 3/4 (it looks like a 6/8 bar), 
but to be honest, I'm not sure how it would automatically determine a better 
The 6th bar isn't perhaps ideal either, I suspect most publishers would prefer 
not to beam the f to the g.
I assume the rule it's using is that quavers are beamed over beat (crotchet) 
boundaries - shorter notes are only beamed within each beat.  Probably 
reasonable enough for 99% of cases anyway.

Actually one other thing - why is the duration number necessary when using a 
I would expect to be able to type "c,. d16 e8 f g. a16" for the 5th bar here, 
but it doesn't work.
The documentation doesn't suggest that the duration number is required, but all 
the examples include it.

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