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Bug in Lilypond 2.6.4 parser

From: Erlend Aasland
Subject: Bug in Lilypond 2.6.4 parser
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 23:51:29 +0200

It seems that there is a serious bug in the Lilypond 2.6.4 parser, as most
files I try to typeset results in numerous errors.

For example the following small snippet, which is typeset correctly without
errors in 2.6.3 (and even 2.7.11), generates the following errors:
GNU LilyPond 2.6.4
Processing `test.ly'
test.ly:3 <http://test.ly:3>:20: error: syntax error, unexpected "\\>"
a->\< b->\mf
\> c->\! d->
error: errors found, ignoring music expression
error: failed files: "test"

The snippet is: \relative { a->\< b->\mf\> c->\! d-> }

I'm running Lilypond 2.6.4-1, installed from the MacOSX disk image.

Erlend Aasland

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