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Abort without error message, and pdf manual bug

From: A. Deubelbeiss
Subject: Abort without error message, and pdf manual bug
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 11:45:04 +0200
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Lily 2.6.3 and 2.7.11, Windows versions. Win XP (SP2).

When Lilypond encounters the ’ character, the program aborts without mentioning the fact in the .log file. (Note that the Windows versions don't have a console open at that point; other platforms may get an error message there for all I know.) The process simply disappears, and the .log ends at "Parsing ..."

This by itself would be an exotic issue, but there's a real problem in there: in the .pdf version of the manual, code examples involving scheme have ’ instead of ' as the quote mark character. The result: When a user copy-pastes a sample \override or similar from the pdf manual, processing the file breaks in a confusing and unhelpful way.

The html manual is fine.

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