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Misalignment in pedal indications

From: Raphael Manfredi
Subject: Misalignment in pedal indications
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 20:06:05 +0200

The following exerpt demonstrates that "Ped" and "*" are not properly
aligned on a same horizontal line, making te indications confusing
and hard to read.

Also, I've not be able to find a way to put the "sustain up" even AFTER
the duration of the note (here a rest), which is kind of mandatory when
you have a chord arpegiated by the other hand...

The latter is probably an enhancement request, but it prevents typesetting
of a whole set of music...  Maybe there is a complex way to do what I want
to do here?  It should be simple in lilypond though, because it's a rather
a basic need when dealing with Romantic-styled music.

Again, in the example below I add to stuff the line to demonstrate the
problem with the misalignment.  Bars other than the 3rd are correctly
typeset, because of the leading rest, but still all the "Ped" indications
are not on the same line.

% Shows that "Ped" and "*" are not aligned on the same line at
% the first measure.  I believe all "Ped" instances should be
% aligned on the same horizontal level throughout the same system.
% Also illustrates that it would be good to have a notation to
% express that "sustainUp" is to trigger AFTER the duration of the
% note but before the next one: I want the sustain to remain whilst
% the right hand continues to arpegiate the chord...
\version "2.6.3"
\new PianoStaff {
        \new Staff {
                \clef treble \time 2/2 \key c \major
                \relative c' {
                        g2 r8 c e g |
                        g,2 r8 c e g |
                        g,2 r8 c e g |
                        g,2 r8 c e g |
        \new Staff {
                \clef bass \time 2/2 \key c \major
                \relative c {
                        g8\sustainDown c e g r2\sustainUp |
                        r8\sustainDown g, c g' r2\sustainUp |
                        r8\sustainDown g, c g' r2\sustainUp |
                        r8\sustainDown g, c g' r2\sustainUp |


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