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\partial on multiple staves

From: Gilles
Subject: \partial on multiple staves
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 14:59:20 +0100
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%--- one.ly ---
\version "2.4.5"

one = \relative c'' {
    d2 d |
    \partial 2. e2 c4 |

%--- two.ly ---
\version "2.4.5"

two = \relative c'' {
    d2 d |
    \partial 2. e2 c4 |

These two (identical) snippets independently compile without warning,
as they should.

When they are combined into a score:

%--- all.ly ---
\include "one.ly"
\include "two.ly"

\score {
  \context StaffGroup <<
    \new Staff \one
    \new Staff \two

the compilation spuriously complains:

GNU LilyPond 2.4.5
Processing `all.ly'
Interpreting music...
two.ly:4:9: warning: barcheck failed at: -3/4:
    d2 d
Preprocessing graphical objects...
Calculating line breaks...
Layout output to `all.tex'...
Converting to `all.dvi'...
Converting to `all.ps'...
Converting to `all.pdf'...

Whereas the result is as expected (and there is no bar error).


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