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Multirest errors or my stupid??

From: Herman Grootaers
Subject: Multirest errors or my stupid??
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 07:57:04 +0100
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When I was writing a piece I got some unexpected results when I changed  
'r' into 'R'. Lilypond does not do what I wanted it to do: place a 
fermata over the last rest, even when I singled each rest for a 

The following script I concotted goes really strange, although it gives 
an pdf as a result.

Maybe a bug or am I doing something (very) stupid, like not Reading The 
Fine Manual ( :=)) ) ??

BTW: In the documentation about engraving the instrument-name on-line, 
the examples don't present the name. Maybe some oversight, because in 
the older documentation the did.

With regards,
Herman Grootaers.

============== Lilypond source after this line ==============
\version "2.7.30"
sop = \relative c''
{ c2. R R R^\fermata \bar"" \break c c c^\fermata c }
alt = \relative c''
{ g2. g g g_\fermata \bar"" \break R R R_\fermata g }
ten = \relative c'
{ e2. R R R^\fermata \bar"" \break e e e^\fermata e }
bas = \relative c
{ c2. c c c_\fermata \bar"" \break R R R_\fermata c }
\paper { raggedright=##t
\score {
   \context ChoirStaff
        << \context Staff = "women"
                 << \clef treble
                       \context Voice = "soprano" {
                            \voiceOne << \sop >> }
                       \context Voice = "alto" {
                            \voiceTwo << \alt >> }
              \context Staff = "men"
                 << \clef bass
                       \context Voice = "tenor" {
                            \voiceOne << \ten >> }
                       \context Voice = "bass" {
                           \voiceTwo << \bas >> }
============== End of lilypond Source ===================

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