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Problem with Mark_engraver

From: liang seng
Subject: Problem with Mark_engraver
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 11:31:00 +0000

Hi, I'm using Lilypond 2.7.27 for Windows 98. There seems to be a problem regarding the Mark_engraver property. Apparently, when Mark_engraver is used, it seems to disregard the
\set Score.rehearsalMarkAlignSymbol property. Here is an example:
\version "2.7.27"
align = \set Score.rehearsalMarkAlignSymbol = #'time-signature
linea = { \align  \mark "Rehearsal Mark" R1 }
lineb = { \align  \mark "Rehearsal Mark" R1 }

\score {
\new StaffGroup { <<
\new Staff { \linea }
\new Staff \with{\consists "Mark_engraver"} { \lineb }
>> } }
The placement of the rehearsal mark on the first staff is correct, but wrong in the second staff as the rehearsal mark is centrally aligned to the beginning of the staff, disregarding the rehearsalMarkAlignSymbol property. I've tried this when setting it to align to clefs and key signatures and they do not alter the result of the rehearsal mark's placement of the second staff as well. Is this a bug?
Thank you.

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