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Re: Error on First Step

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Error on First Step
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 22:39:40 -0800

On 21-Feb-06, at 11:20 AM, Wim Looyestijn wrote:
I installed version lilypond-2.6.5-1.exe on windows XP (home 2002, SP2). In Notepad I created test.ly as per your instuction on tutorial/firststeps.

\version "2.6.5"
\score {
  \notes { c'4 e' g' }

This is an old format; please delete the \notes.

  { c'4 e' g' }

Where exactly did you see this \notes?  We should fix this.

P.S. the reason I am trying to master your great program is because I want to make some edits and transposition on existing files created with a previous
version (1.4.12). Would that cause problems?

It may. Once you have verified that test.ly works, try updating the 1.4.12 file using convert-ly. It might work perfectly, but chances are that the updating will not be perfect. You might need to update the file by hand, which requires a fair amount of knowledge of lilypond code. If you have trouble after reading the manual, post questions to the lilypond-user mailist.

- Graham

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