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Re: Error on First Step

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Error on First Step
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 10:52:45 +0100
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You have looked at an old version of the manual.
Please make sure to use the instructions corresponding
to the version you have. There's currently a misprint at
www.lilypond.org, you should click on the documentation for the "Stable" version, to get the manual for version 2.6.

(The quick answer is that you should remove "\notes". )


Quoting Wim Looyestijn <address@hidden>:


I installed version lilypond-2.6.5-1.exe on windows XP (home 2002, SP2).
In Notepad I created  test.ly as per your instuction on tutorial/firststeps.

\version "2.6.5"
\score {
 \notes { c'4 e' g' }

When I double click, a log file is created with the following contents:

# -*-compilation-*-
Changing working directory to `C:/Documents and Settings/W.J.
Processing `C:/Documents and Settings/W.J. Looyestijn/Bureaublad/test.ly'
C:/Documents and Settings/W.J. Looyestijn/Bureaublad/test.ly:3:2: error:
unknown escaped string: `\notes'

 \notes { c'4 e' g' }

C:/Documents and Settings/W.J. Looyestijn/Bureaublad/test.ly:3:2: error: syntax
error, unexpected STRING

 \notes { c'4 e' g' }

I would appreciate your advise on how to proceed.



P.S. the reason I am trying to master your great program is because I want to
make some edits and transposition on existing files created with a previous
version (1.4.12). Would that cause problems?

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