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Re: Fwd: LilyPond Release Candidate for version 2.8

From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: Re: Fwd: LilyPond Release Candidate for version 2.8
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 19:52:15 +0100
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On Wednesday 22 February 2006 16.15, Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:
> Erik Sandberg wrote:
> >>>beam-cross-staff-slope.ly: hairpin decrescendo collides with stems
> >
> > Agreed, critical bug.
> Not a bug; the test wasn't designed to test that; I've removed the
> crescendo to prevent confusion.

Well, it is not a regression bug, but it _is_ a bug (stuff shouldn't collide). 
The bug was not present in 2.6, so by definition, the bug is critical. 
However, it is not a bug that anyone has reported in real life, so I suppose 
it's ok to make an exception and call the bug non-critical.

I've added the bug as c-beam-cross-staff-cresc.ly:

%Christian Hitz

\version "2.7.32"
\header {
    texidoc = "Cross staff (kneed) beam collides with crescendo."
    reportedin = "2.7.35"

\layout { ragged-right = ##t}

\context PianoStaff <<
  \new Staff = "up" \relative {
      \stemDown f'16\< d b\!
      \change Staff = down \stemUp g
  \new Staff = "down" { s4 }


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