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Re: Missing accented letters in header using lilypond-book

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Missing accented letters in header using lilypond-book
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 17:36:33 +0100
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I tried your example here and it works without problems, using
LilyPond 2.7.35 on a Redhat Enterprise machine.
What I noticed when comparing the resulting PDF files, was that
yours listed CenturySchL-Roma as a Type1 font, whereas in mine
file it was listed as a TrueType font.

Did you try to look at the PostScript file?


René Brandenburger wrote:

On Wed, 2006-02-22 at 10:59 +0100, Mats Bengtsson wrote:
I don't agree fully with Erik's comment. What happens is that the embedded LilyPond code should be saved with UTF-8 encoding, whereas
the rest of the LaTeX code should be saved with latin1 encoding.
Since there probably isn't any text editor that supports saving a file with different character encodings for different sections of the same file, it's probably easiest to write the LilyPond code in separate files and use \lilypondfile{} in the LaTeX document. Then you can easily use different character encodings for the main document and the LilyPond code.

that's what i'm actually doing, i use UTF-8 encoding for the .ly
document and IS0-8859-15 for the .tex document.
following the input for lilypond-book and the output generated.


---- test.tex ---- file has iso8859-15 encoding

\documentclass[a4paper, 10pt, german]{report}

% Preamble


% check if LaTeX get's it right
'T as Freijor
'T as Fréijor




--- file T_as_Freijor.ly --- encoding UTF-8

\version "2.7.34"

\header {
 title = "'T as Fréijor"
 poet = "Michel Lentz"
 composer = "Laurent Menager"

\include "italiano.ly"

verse= \lyricmode {
 'T_as Fréi -- jor, an d'Vul -- len, déi sin rëm er -- waacht,
 an d'Mar -- gréit -- chen huet séch e -- raus och ge -- maacht.
 Si huet d'wäiss Koll -- rett -- chen rëm frësch u -- ge -- don,
 sou -- bal si de Pou -- fank ge -- héi -- ert huet schlon,
 sou -- bal si de Pou -- fank ge -- héi -- ert huet schlon.

staffVoice = \new Staff  {
 \time 3/4
 %%\set Staff.instrument="Voice"
 \set Staff.midiInstrument="voice oohs"
 \key sib \major
 \tempo 4 = 100
 \clef treble
 \relative do' {
   \context Voice = "melodyVoi" {
     \partial 4        fa4 |
     sol4 fa4 sib4 |
     re4. do8 sib8( la8) |
     do4 sib4 sol4 |
     fa2 sib4 |
     la4 sol4 la4 |
     do4 sib4 re4 |
     do4. sib8 sol8( la8) |
     fa2 fa4 |
     sol4 sol4 la4 |
     sol4 fa4 fa4 |
     do'4. sib8 la4 |
     sib2 fa4 |
     sol4 sol4 la4 |
     sol4 fa4 fa4 |
     mib'4. re8 do4 |
     re2 sib4 |
     sib4 do4 re4 |
     fa4 mib4 sol,4 |
     la4. sib8 do4 |
     \bar "|."


\score {
 \context Lyrics = "lmelodyVoi" \lyricmode { \lyricsto "melodyVoi"
\verse }
\layout  {

 \unfoldRepeats \staffVoice
 \midi {
\paper {


and the commands entered  to process it ...

lilypond-book --verbose --output=BookOut --psfonts test.tex
cd Bookout
latex test.tex
latex test.tex
dvips -h test.psfonts test.dvi
ps2pdf test.ps ..\test.pdf
cd ..


Quoting René Brandenburger <address@hidden>:

hmm, using te LaTeX code results in the printed out LaTeX code with ij
still missing :-(
I tried without the accented character (setting title = "'T as Freijor",
and still the ij is missing in the output as shown in the attached
image. Didn't try the UTF-8 version yet.

On Tue, 2006-02-21 at 12:14 +0100, Erik Sandberg wrote:
On Monday 20 February 2006 18.39, René Brandenburger wrote:

i have a little score with the word "Fréijor" in the header field.
Running it through lilipond just works fine, but running it through
lilypond-book and postprocessing with latex, dvips and ps2pdf, in the
resulting pdf the header shown is actually "Fré or" as shown in the
attached file. The lyrics are ok.
I think you need to either use the LaTeX code for é, "\`e", or use the UTF-8
capable version of latex (look for latex-ucs). Both suggestions are untested

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