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Re: Gregorian notes on _five lines_

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Gregorian notes on _five lines_
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2006 09:17:23 +0200
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A segmentation fault is always a serious bug. I forward your example
to bug-lilypond and note that the SIGSEGV happens also with version 2.8.5.


Michał Dwużnik wrote:

Hi Mats,

OK, change that into
\new VaticanaStaff <<
\new VaticanaVoice{ ... }
\new VaticanaVoice{ ... }

that _may be a better idea, but processing the following with 2.9.13
gives a segmentation fault...

\include "gregorian-init.ly"
#(set-global-staff-size 36)
\score {
\new VaticanaStaff {
\clef "medicaea-do3"
\override VaticanaStaff.StaffSymbol #'line-count = #5
\new VaticanaVoice {
d d
\new VaticanaVoice {
f f

t.ly:11:18: warning: ignoring too many clashing note columns

Thanks for the adventurous propositions :)


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