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Re: weird horizontal-spacing problem

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: weird horizontal-spacing problem
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 16:34:44 +0200
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It indeed seems as if you have hit a weird bug. I send a copy to the bug-lilypond
mailing list and note that the following short example shows the same bug:

\version "2.9.14"
 \new GrandStaff
   \new Staff = trebleStaff \relative c' {
     \key aes  \major
     \time 2/4
        {f8 bes \emptyText ees ^"Immer staerker und lebhafter" f }
        { d, bes' bes aes }

   \new Lyrics \lyricmode {zu,8 und nur ein }
\layout{ragged-right = ##t }

However, the bug also seems related to the fact that you don't use \lyricsto. You can easily use \lyricsto even in a situation like this where the sopranos occasionally split into divisi. See the first example of Sect. "Divisi Lyrics"
in the manual (just leave out the lyrics for the split part). See also the
section on "Explicitly Instantiating Voices". Actually, here comes a
modified version of the previous example using \lyricsto, which also shows
how to do the settings to get bar numbers every 5th bar line (all settings like these have to be done within a context, they can't be done at the top level of
the \score block.

 \new GrandStaff
\set Score.barNumberVisibility = #(every-nth-bar-number-visible 5) \override Score.BarNumber #'break-visibility = #end-of-line-invisible
   \new Staff = trebleStaff \new Voice = upper \relative c' {
     \key aes  \major
     \time 2/4
{\voiceOne f8 bes \emptyText ees ^"Immer staerker und lebhafter" f }
        \new Voice { \voiceTwo d, bes' bes aes }
     >> \oneVoice
   \new Lyrics \lyricsto upper {zu,8 und nur ein }
\layout{ragged-right = ##t }


David Griffel wrote:

I'm a beginner with lilypond, have learnt a lot from the documentation, but here's a problem I can't solve.

I'm writing the score of a piano song, with lyrics between the staves. The music has verbose performance instructions at various points, which I've done like this:

         f bes \emptyText ees
         ^ "Immer staerker und lebhafter"

Mostly this works fine. But the text above appears in the last line of the song, and the result is a really ugly large horizontal space in the music, see http://www.zen22109.zen.co.uk/screenshot-1.jpg

For the .ly file see  http://www.zen22109.zen.co.uk/geheim__.ly
I've marked the relevant bit with %  HERE IS THE PROBLEM

I've searched the online documentation, and the only helpful thing I've found is \emptyText, which doesn't work here, and a statement somewhere that lilypond has no way of adjusting horizontal spacing (!!)

Comments and attempts to diagnose:

*  inserting text earlier in the score works perfectly

* the problem does not go away if I use \ragged-right, see http://www.zen22109.zen.co.uk/screenshot-2.jpg

*  the problem goes away if I don't print the lyrics: spacing is then OK

*  the problem goes away if I comment out the text: % ^ "..".
So it's not purely a lyrics problem.

* I don't use \lyricsto because the upper stave has some sections in a single voice and other sections in two voices, so there's no unique voice to attach the lyrics to.

I hope it's not some really stupid beginner's mistake . . . well actually I hope it _is_, because then it'll be easy to fix. Any help will be much appreciated,

David Griffel

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