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Re: Mac x86 version of LilyPond

From: Chris Sawer
Subject: Re: Mac x86 version of LilyPond
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2006 20:15:47 +0100
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Priscilla Showalter wrote:
Just thought I'd let you know I find LilyPond a quite nice and useful program.
I do, however, find it a little disingenuous that you call your 10.4 compatible
version an Intel version when in fact it is a compiled PowerPC binary that works
 under Rosetta. That's the whole point of Rosetta, no?


I sponsored the Intel Mac version, and can assure you that it's a native binary that flies along even on my bottom-of-the-range Intel Mac Mini. If you open a command prompt and use the Unix 'file' command to get information on the LilyPond executable it will show you:

> file LilyPond.app/Contents/Resources/bin/lilypond
lilypond: Mach-O executable i386

What /isn't/ compiled for Intel is the GUI front end (IIRC). That's why the information panel describes it as Application (PowerPC). However the GUI front end doesn't do very much, simply allowing you to enter .ly files and compile them (ie. call the main intel binary) by clicking a button. Any other editor of your choice can be used instead if you prefer.



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