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Re: Chord changes over repeat alternatives

From: Yitz Gale
Subject: Re: Chord changes over repeat alternatives
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 23:33:24 +0000 (UTC)
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Paul Scott wrote:

> Here are some examples of chords of varying lengths:
> c1*3 d4:m7 g4*3:7 c1 a4*3:7.5+ a4:7

Yes, that's nice. But I find it prone to errors. It
takes me a lot of work to get that kind of thing
right. Chord change mode makes it so easy!

Another source of stubborn errors in lead sheets is
getting all the chords lined up right with the music.
Again, chord change mode makes it easy, because you
can make the code for the chords look parallel to
the code for the music.

Chord change mode is really cool. It is a shame
to have to choose between that and volta repeats.

> The issue you describe is similar to the issue
> of slurs or ties into endings.  These are not
> handled automatically by LilyPond even though
> many of us would love this to be true.

Wow, what a dream! But I think that would be quite
hard to implement.

> This would involve the same special logic.

Actually, I don't think so. I am pretty sure
that the behavior I am suggesting would be MUCH
easier to implement.

For slurs and ties, you would need to refer back
to the full state of the engraver at an earlier
point in the music. For chord changes you don't
need to do that - it is more like the beginning
of line case. That case takes only a few simple
lines of code.

> ...you will... need to convince the developers
> of the need for this feature...

I hope they are reading this thread.


\whisper {pssst. it's a bug.}

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