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Cannot reset TupletNumber back to visible

From: Raphael Manfredi
Subject: Cannot reset TupletNumber back to visible
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2006 23:38:39 +0200

I've been using

        \override TupletNumber #'transparent = ##t

in 2.8.6 to make the tuplet number disappear after measure 2 of a score
consisting mainly of triplets.  However, on occasions there are tremolos
for which I would like to display the triplet above, so I've tried to
encapsulate those thusly:

        \times 2/3 {
          \override TupletNumber #'transparent = ##f
          g:8 d:8
          \override TupletNumber #'transparent = ##t

But this does not work.  Once the transparent has been set to true, it
seems to be sticky.


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