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Re: address@hidden

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: address@hidden
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 18:45:13 +0200
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I don't know about the Vine Linux distribution, but at least for Debian, there are two versions of the ghostcript package, one called
gs-afpl and one called gs-gpl. The difference between the two is that
the AFPL version is released under a different license than the GPL
version and that the AFPL contains more recent features than the GPL

On the other hand, the LilyPond package (assuming that you downloaded
it from www.lilypond.org) contains a version of ghostscript that is sufficiently new. Since I don't use the package myself, I don't know the details on how you can use that version.


Quoting address@hidden:

Dear Mats,

Thank you for your advising !!
You're right.
$ gs  --version

So, I tried to update gs.
# apt-get install -u ghostscript
Then, I got the message of;
* The newest version of ghostscript has already been installed.

Hmm...I think I have to get the newest (at least 8.15), but cannot find how to do.

Well, thank you anyway.

What version of Ghostscript do you have installed (run 'gs --version'
or 'gs --help' to find out)? My best guess is that you would need a
newer version of Ghostscript (at least version 8.15)


Quoting vine-user <address@hidden>:

> Hello!
> I started Linux(Vine Linux 3.2) few months ago.
> I'd love to used this great one, but I think I need help.
> I made, for example, abc.tex source file, and did;
> $ lilypond-book --psfonts output=out abc.tex
> $ cd out
> $ platex abc.tex
> $ dvips -o -h  abc.psfonts -Ppdf abc.dvi
> $ ps2pdf abc.ps
> I think there are some problems;
> 1.xdvi-->>only title, and beams are viewable, notes are not viewable.
> printable,
> but noteless.
> 2.ggv-->>perfectly viewable, but could not print at all.
> 3.xpdf-->>same as xdvi. notes are not viewable.  printable, but noteless.
> Is there any font or something missing to this program ??
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