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Re: FiguredBass Bug Lilypond 2.9.17 on Windows.

From: Trent Johnston
Subject: Re: FiguredBass Bug Lilypond 2.9.17 on Windows.
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 12:13:45 +1000

Hi Graham,

Yes I would consider this a bug:

1. It was working an 2.9.10

2. Quite often composers will place a figured bass symbol above a rest usually meaning the play only the 3rd, 6th or whatever above the previous bass note. ie. play the note or chord but not the bass. They are used throughout the Locatelli Sonatas I'm transcribing, but now these figures are missing.


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Subject: Re: FiguredBass Bug Lilypond 2.9.17 on Windows.

Is this really a bug? I mean, what does a figured bass note actually mean? Play a third and a sixth above... what?

I have little experienced with figured bass, so forgive me if I'm missing something.
- Graham

Trent Johnston wrote:
Hi everyone,

I've run into a bug with the figured bass added to the staff context. If there is a figure above a rest the figure no longer appears. I've tried the below code in lilypond 2.9.10 with no problems, the figures ( 6 in the example below) show above the rest as expected.




\version "2.9.17"

\include "english.ly"

staffCello = \new Staff = "cont" {
 \time 4/4
 \set Staff.instrument="Cello"
 \set Staff.midiInstrument="cello"
 \key c \major
 \clef bass
 \relative c' {
c4 c c c
c4 r c r


basfig = \figuremode {
<6>4 <6> <6> <6>
<6>4 <6> <6> <6>

\score {
  \context Staff = "cont" \basfig


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