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Re: chordmode changes midi instrument

From: Gait Boxman
Subject: Re: chordmode changes midi instrument
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 23:52:34 +0200
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new to the list, found the thread in the archive while trying to do the same thing.

Manuel had a problem changing the midiInstrument for his ChordNames context. Mats gave a solution (use ChordNames.midiInstrument), but Manuel didn't get it to work.

I played around a little with my own files here trying to do the same, and the below works for me:

melody =  \relative c''

textone = \lyricmode {

accompaniment = \chordmode {

\score {
  \context ChordNames = "chords" {
      \set ChordNames.midiInstrument = "violin"
  \context Voice = "one" {
  \lyricsto "one" \new Lyrics \textone
\layout { }
\midi  { \tempo 4 = 128 }

The chordmode is not the problem, I believe the problem with Staff.midiInstrument is that there is no staff in the ChordNames context (actually if you use Staff.midiInstrument in the above code it will create an extra staff for you, but there are no notes on it).

Not sure whether using \context instead of \new has impact here.

BTW I'm using 2.4.0 at the moment.

HTH, Gait.

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