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Re: Bar number on StaffGroup poorly positioned

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Bar number on StaffGroup poorly positioned
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 14:43:27 -0700
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Arvid Gr√łtting wrote:
Off topic question: Is any collision that you need tweaks to avoid,
considered a bug?

Generally yes, but they're low-priority bugs. Some cases are more like feature requests (say, searching for collisions between text scripts and markup), while rare cases are high-priority bugs (say, if lilypond stopped taking stems into consideration and had collisions between stems and dynamics in a monophonic score).

Look at the collection of collision bugs in the google bug tracker for some ideas.

 I'm still searching for a list of overrides that will
give me no collisions yet allow a sensible number of systems on a
page.   Preferably, this list of overrides should be empty ;-)

This is a difficult area. You could probably eliminate all script collisions by setting the padding to #5, but that would result in ugly music. In most cases, there is no automatic easy solution (like "always set foo to #X").

- Graham

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