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Re: error when bar doesn't end with correct amount of notes (this doesn'

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: error when bar doesn't end with correct amount of notes (this doesn't include anacrusis)
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 19:03:52 -0800
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Nile Baker wrote:
It seems software doesn't recognize note time values after an incomplete bar.
e.g. in Mozart's "rondo alla turca" music, in 2/4, starts with an anacrusis (I
had no problem with the software recognizing this) and ends with one quarter
note, a repeat bar ":|:" ends the phrase. When a notes time value  is not 4 the
software says there is an error. In the provided example "c''8..." comes up as
an error.

Please submit working examples -- this example requires an additional {} around the \time.

In addition, please don't pack so many things onto a single line when reporting bugs. If you did this, you would discover the actual problem:

\version "2.8.8-1"
\paper {ragged-right=##t}
\time 2/4 {e''4-- \bar ":|:" <c''8 e''-.^1-3>\mp[ <d''! f''!-.>]}

Chord durations go on the outside:
<c'' e''-.^1-3>8    % right
instead of
<c''8 e''-.^1-3>    % wrong

If you formatted this example on more lines, it would have been easier to understand the warning messages lilypond.

I also recommend using the latest stable version, 2.10.20. There have been approximately 250 bug fixes since 2.8.8.

- Graham

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