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Re: Lyric extender extends far beyond end of voice

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Lyric extender extends far beyond end of voice
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2007 22:34:44 +0100
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It seems that this bug has been introduced some time after version
2.11.10 (which I happened to have installed at home).

David, I hope you realize that the 2.11.x series of releases are
experimental and that the stable version 2.10.x is recommended
for any serious typesetting.


David Feuer wrote:

This is a problem when an extra voice ends on a long note or series of notes.

Short example:

\version "2.11.19"
\include "english.ly"

melody = \relative c' {
 a4 b c d |
   { e f g a | c d c d | }
   \new Voice = extra {
     f, g a b ~ |
     b ~ b ~ b ~ b |
 a b c d |

words = \lyricmode {
 one two three four
 five six seven eight
 nine ten eleven twelve

extrawords = \lyricmode {
 uno dos tres cuatro __

 \new Voice = mel \melody
 \new Lyrics \lyricsto mel \words
 \new Lyrics \lyricsto extra \extrawords

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