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Several problems

From: Gauthier Lebrun
Subject: Several problems
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 10:54:00 +0000 (UTC)
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I'm using Lilypond for few weeks, and I find it very very good. It answers
exactly the needs that I have.
(re-edit some un-readable score for my personnal use, or transpose from piccolo
in D-flat to C)

Now, I've got several questions :

1- a lot of my scores are beginning with multi-rests. The tempo indication
(\tempo) is overwriten by the multi-rest number. It is unreadable.

2- all my scores are completing their tempo indication by a litteral sentence
like "Allegro ma non tropo (+tempo indication)"... How can I do this ?
the \tempo function allow only to indicate the metronomic tempo.

3- One of my score is using "Segno" and "Coda" mark. How can I write a "Segno"
Symbol on the last measure bar ? Then, the score is finishing by a CODA.. How
can I begining a coda by a litteral expression "Coda" + the Coda symbol at the
end of the score ?

Thanks for your help, and good luck for the next versions !!


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