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Re: how to set staff size in safe mode

From: David Feuer
Subject: Re: how to set staff size in safe mode
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 20:44:44 -0400

On 3/11/07, Mats Bengtsson <address@hidden> wrote:
This seems like a bug, so I forward it to bug-lilypond. For example,
#(set-global-staff-size 16)

I don't understand why a few things (staff size and beaming behavior
come to mind) need to be set using Scheme setter functions.  Why can't
we just use global-staff-size = #16 in a paper block?  Speaking of
beaming, where should I use #override-auto-beam-setting if I want to
specify beaming behavior for the entire (polyphonic) piece?

David Feuer

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